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2 Fabius GS Premium Anesthesia Machines

2 Fabius GS Anesthesia Machines.

All 4 moved out of Hospital use in 2021. Refurbished in 2021.

Each Unit is a 3 Gas Circuit (O2, N2O, Medical Air), electronically controlled, piston driven ventilator. All ventilation modes activated: Volume Control (VC), Pressure Control (PC), SIMV, and Pressure Support (PSV). Digitally represented needle valve flowmeters for fresh gas flow. O2 flush valve.

Each has a Cosy breathing system with Clic or reusable CO2 canister adapter. Premiums have a heated 2.6 Cosy breathing system. Electronic Peep, with APL Valve. Fresh Gas Outlet optional.

2 Vapor Selectatec mount, 3 Large drawers, with LED workspace lighting. Full operators and service manuals included.

Optional Accessories available:

1. Halogen Gooseneck Light

2. Suction Regulator

3. Active or Passive Scavenge System

4. Flexible Breathing Bag Arm

5. Desflurane Vaporizer (Selectatec) 

6. Isoflurane Vaporizer (Selectatec)

7. Sevoflurane Vaporizer (Selectatec)

Complete Monitoring systems also available: In Draeger and Philips combinations.

Draeger is IACS (C500/C700 with M540) and Delta Omega with Scio. Scio can be integrated into Fabius or Mounted.

Philips is MP70 monitor with J version software and a G5 gas analyzer. G5 mounted on top of Fabius and MP70 on a variable height arm.

All monitors mounted with GCX accessories.




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